Art - Sarah Pike Alexander


A Series Exploring Blind Contour Drawing
by Sarah Pike Alexander

I often find myself over thinking and over-doing when it comes to creating art. This, in turn, can create a mental block and I’ll find other things to fill up my time instead of getting started. As an art teacher, I often started with blind contour drawings as a warm up practice, especially for those kids or adults that claimed “they weren’t good at art.” The whole purpose of blind contour forces you to let go and have fun. In an especially emotionally heavy year, this process was a welcomed relief. To laugh at my creations so hard that I cried at times, filled me up with a much needed dose of joy.
I was then able to go back to the drawings and add paint and/or embroidery to emphasize and control the direction of the pieces a bit.

*Purchased art work is available for pick up at The Brewery on N. Davidson St. AFTER June, 21 2021.

*No delivery available.

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Showing 1–16 of 18 results