My Heart and Soul (4 x 12oz Cans)


A Carolina Fruited Saison w/ Blackberries

97% locally sourced ingredients!

MY HEART AND SOUL was brewed to honor and support our good friends and their relentless efforts given for SOUL FOOD SESSIONS, a movement to acknowledge and support people of color in the culinary arts, restaurant and hospitality industries, and beverage services. A true celebration of summer, this Carolina fruited saison celebrates the season’s fruit harvests, the blackberry. Created with heaps of NC barley and augmented by soft wheat and spicy-earthy rye. Expect a bright and tart blackberry nose, a touch of earthy-tea on the palate all-the-while balanced out by a subtle dry, spiciness, effervescent and dry Carolina Saison. Cheers to being better people!

IT’S LOCAL: 97% local! We’ve used lots of fine local grains for this brew. Pilsner malted barley and malted wheat from @Carolinamalthouse out of Salisbury NC and malted Abruzzi Rye from Riverbend Malt, Asheville, NC.

6.0% abv – 4x 12oz cans

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