I am an artist, activist and community leader in Charlotte, NC. My art captures the themes, colors and rich symbolism of my native home of Mexico. In 2010, I shifted the focus of my work from commercial art to art activism, after witnessing the repeated injustices and dysfunction of our immigration system. 

My public murals celebrate the rich history as well as the changing demographics of the South. I also use my art to document social conditions, and to raise awareness about issues that are affecting immigrant communities such as family separation, access to public education, racism and moving beyond common stereotypes. 

My art promotes dialogue around social justice issues and community concerns, and brings together a diverse citizenry through community-based, grassroots collaboration. The murals that I am most proud of were collaborative works with the community. I love to take the history, vision and character of a community and represent it with my art. I strongly believe in the transformational power of public art and in the use of art as a connector of communities and a method of enriching societies.

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