Susie Took Her Tea ( 4 x 12oz cans )



SUSIE TOOK HER TEA  A 4.8% Carolina Grisette

Small in stature, giant in heart, Grandma Susie was a force to be reckoned with! We went for that same balance in our newest version of Susie, balancing delicate floral notes with a hint of black tea, and finishing with a bright pop of citrus from Meyer Lemons. This light, effervescent beer will perk up your afternoon like a quick spring shower!


IT’S LOCAL: 99% locally sourced ingredients! We’ve picked all the meyer lemons from our tree that’s been growing in the brewery this year, and a few extras from @freshlistclt.  We threw in calendula flowers, poppy and ginger straw from @friendlyacresfarm, and Carolina grains of pilsner and wheat malts from @carolinamalthouse and Abruzzi Rye malt from @riverbendmalt.



SUSIE TOOK HER TEA  A 4.8% Carolina Grisette