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Chalice Meikle
Chalice Meikle received her BFA in Painting in the winter of 2015 from the
Savannah College of Art and Design in Savannah, GA. Ms. Meikle has exhibited
her works in multiple juried exhibitions, including 100 Tiny Things, Blumenthal
Arts, Charlotte, NC, Counting Up, Levine Museum, Charlotte, NC, MFOSA
Grant Program; and Mint Hill Arts Center, Mint Hill, NC. Her artwork has been
influenced and shifted while in residence with Dacia Gallery, New York, NY, the
School of the Arts Institute of Chicago in Chicago, IL, during a Low-Residence
Masters Program, and the Braitman Studio in Charlotte, NC. She currently works
and resides in Charlotte, NC. Her art studio is at The VAPA Center in uptown

Her most recent series ‘Wake Up’ was inspired by listening to birds singing
during meditation. She currently resides and works in Charlotte, NC. Ms.
Meikle’s studios can be found at The VAPA Center in uptown Charlotte.

Art is that moment of balanced meditation. Art is vital and is accessible to
everyone. Without creation, there is no life or breath. Although Ms. Meikle is
trained in painting, other art genres include sculpture, poetry, printmaking,
photography, and dance. Her work styles are predominantly abstract,
contemporary, or highly conceptual expressive pieces. Ms. Meikle has used the
brush, pen, or spatula as a cathartic release. Creating gave her voice purpose
and meaning. Ms. Meikle intends to spread this knowledge of self-worth.