All You Knead is Love (32oz Crowler)


ALL YOU KNEAD IS LOVE – A 4.3% TART Carolina Sourdough Wild Ale

We’re spreading a little love this month with our newest addition to our KNEAD series of brews. We’ve brewed this fresh new KNEAD in honor of #pridemonth because love is love, and ALL YOU KNEAD IS LOVE folks :heart:

This fine ale is a hybrid of bread and beer (our first true loves) and brewed with 100% NC malt, and fermented in full with a wonderfully tart sourdough culture, shared with us by our good friends at @DukesBread. We mixed things up a bit on this one and added handfuls of Hatteras Sea Salt post fermentation, drying things out a bit and adding a tiny touch of mineral-y-seashore fun.  Expect a tart, and citrusy-bright IPA with aromatics of fresh sourdough bread topped with a hint of salt. IT’S LOCAL: 99% Locally sourced ingredients to be exact! We’ve used a 200+ year old sourdough yeast starter for this brew, along with NC barley from @CarolinaMalthouse and NC Triticale from @EpiphanycraftMalt

4.3% abv – 1 x 32oz Crowler